State Director | Arnoldo Alonso

Arnoldo Alonso is State Director with Texas Victory Project who has built and managed some of the best field operations across the country for the past 6 years.

As the State Director for California's Proposition 64 (Legalization of Marijuana) Campaign, Arnoldo and his team were able to build and engineer a field operation and messaging that increased turnout by over 14.8% in low-propensity African-American and Latino voters by combining local partnerships of Black and Latino churches and faith leaders, criminal justice advocates, Veterans, former convicted felons, hip-hop artist and rappers, intellectuals, college students, and young Black and Latino men and women who took action and completed hundreds of phone-banking and canvassing shifts in their own neighborhoods. On November 1, 2016 (E-Day), the Prop 64 Team won and were able to pass the biggest Criminal Justice reform in the country.

In the Battle Born state, Arnoldo created the field  messaging and template that played a crucial role in electing the Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto and ensuring  Nevada 6 electoral votes to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and provided mentoring to the field operations of Make it Work, Mi Familia Vota, and Washoe’s Save Our Schools Campaign.

Back in Texas, Arnoldo managed the Port of Brownsville Coordinated Campaign and had the privilege of working for two of Texas best Legislatures: Trey Martinez Fischer and Sylvester Turner. In San Antonio, Arnoldo and his talented team of Regional Field Directors worked day-in and day-out to create the biggest field operation San Antonio had seen by completing over 600 volunteer canvassing shifts, 86+ interns, and 110,000 knocks in less than 8 weeks for Trey Martinez Fischer for Senate Campaign. In Houston, Arnoldo was assigned as the Regional Field Director for Sylvester Turner for Mayor Campaign in South Houston (covering the African-American and Latino Delta) where he was in charge of field management, volunteer and internship recruitment, the training department, and Sylvester Turner’s Latino Outreach Unidos Con Turner. With the mentorship of  of the best political operatives in the country and the talented support of Field Organizers, Arnoldo played a crucial role in building a 220+ internship program that produced 270,000 plus intern knocks- winning one of the closes races in 2015 by a margin of 2% turnout and establishing one of the most successful field models in the country.

In Southwest Arkansas, Arnoldo worked for the Democratic Party of Arkansas Coordinated Campaign as a Field Organizer and was able to create  a coalition of rural white voters, young latinos, millennials, LGBTQ, undocumented workers, party activist,  African-American faith and civil rights leaders, and introduce a new blood of volunteers who had never participated in the political arena and build the largest active internship program in rural Arkansas with over 21 interns and 64 active volunteers, raise the state’s minimum-wage to $8.50, and managed a Presidential Rally of over 2,8000 with a full volunteer operation and 36 hours notice.

While attending Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) and serving in the Army Reserves, Arnoldo served as Deputy Sheriff for Webb County, President and Founder of TAMIU’s College Democrats, Pledge Master of Phi Iota Alpha, a Promesa Project Fellow for the Texas Democratic Party, and an active member of the Webb County Democratic Party.

Arnoldo is a proud Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, a graduate of Political Science and English at TAMIU, and a Brownsville native. He enjoys following the Straussian tradition of reading the Great Books, doing carne asadas with his friends and family, and writing for University Plan. He hopes to see the Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

For Arnoldo, the issues affecting him, his loved ones, and all Texans are real and should not be condensed into empty campaign promises or cheap talking points. Growing up in Section 8 Housing, having two parents who worked hard and could not make ends meet, and seeing a generation of his close friends and family torn apart by unemployment, mass debt, mental depression, suicide, and poor wages, Arnoldo understands that the time to act for working people is now. Arnoldo founded Texas Victory Project in February 2017 with the help of our Board of Directors, our current staff, and numerous volunteers across our state and country, all of whom believe in our mission and are passionate about winning real victories for hard working Texas families. Arnoldo is committed to leading this fight through the Texas Victory Project, which will build a long-term volunteer infrastructure that will tackle poverty in the immediate future and for future generations to come.