Research & Public Affairs | Danny Diaz

Daniel Diaz was born in McAllen and proudly raised in Palmview, Texas. Daniel attended LA Joya ISD where he was a top-student and top-football recruit for the University of Arkansas where he played as a Defense of End (DE) and graduated with a degree in History. It was during his collegiate career that he first got involved in politics and community organizing, becoming a brother of Phi Iota Alpha and volunteering in latino and labor organizations, and serving as an active voice for minorities and working people.

In 2008, Daniel volunteered with the Democratic Party and President Obama’s 2008 campaign. Inspired by Cesar Chavez and the labor movement, Daniel worked for the Communication Workers and lead a canvassing operation for U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate Bill Halter of Arkansas. That same year, Daniel joined the fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and became one of the top spokesman and organizers for Dreamers in Arkansas.

In 2011, Daniel returned to the Rio Grande Valley where he brought his training, knowledge, and experience as a community organizers to La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE). At LUPE, he worked to help organize colonias (low-income rural communities) who lacked access to basic living infrastructure such as rainwater drainage, affordable housing, streetlights, public parks, public transportation and many more public services that the average American takes for granted. In his tenure with LUPE, Daniel helped numerous colonias residents in Hidalgo County receive millions of dollars in relief for affordable housing and rainwater drainage improvements. Additionally, Daniel became an active organizer and advocate for immigration and workers’ rights, issues that have driven his passion for organizing until this day.

In the 2016 cycle, Daniel served as the voice for low-income families in South Texas and ran one of the largest volunteer-driven grassroots campaigns in Texas for Hidalgo County Commissioner PCT 3 Seat. His story and passion brought hundreds of volunteers to join his ranks, many of whom had never voted or been part of the political process. Despite falling short of victory, Daniel was able to inspire a new generation of progressives in South Texas.

Daniel currently works in education as the Financial Aid Specialist for La Joya ISD and continues to be an active voice for workers in Hidalgo County.