Digital Director | Eduardo J. Garcia

Eduardo Garcia was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. Eduardo attended Homer Hanna High School and received his degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley (UT-RGV). After graduating from high school, Eduardo spent five years working as a waiter making $2.15 per hour, as well as operating a small gardening and landscaping business where he went door-to-door finding clients and cutting yards, trimming and landscaping, and power-washing driveways and backyards just to make enough money to pay rent and go to school. Seeing first hand the downfall of the housing market in Houston, and the loss of employment statewide, Eduardo decided to change his major from Construction Management at the University of Houston to Marketing and Entrepreneurship, moving back home and attending University of Texas-Brownsville (now UT-RGV).

While a student at UT-RGV, Eduardo became the leading Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Social Media Manager for the university’s website and social media. Learning the skills necessary by actually doing the work, Eduardo decided to become a freelance marketing consultant in his free-time and save up enough money to start up his own business. Eduardo began working with local small business, from local mechanic shops to restaurants, to provide high quality graphic designing, web development, social media management, as well as marketing programs to elevate their to gross income and sales.

Seeing vast unemployment between his peers and the growth of his clientele, Eduardo decided to create the first “green” marketing firm in South Texas and employed local millennials. Inspired by his love of nature, hiking, Austin, and the outdoors, he started BAIK-Advertising, a 100% recycling advertising firm that uses local cyclist, union made bicycles, and environmentally friendly billboards to ride around the city, spark up conversation, and pass out promotional literature with a community-oriented and friendly approach. Eduardo success was received with open arms by the business community and the people of South Texas, which allowed him to expand his portfolio to the political arena and proudly hire 6 part-time and full-time employees.

In the political arena, Eduardo only works for clients who are committed to protecting the environment, tackling poverty, and helping working families. He has worked for clients running for the Port Elections, City Council, School Board, and issue-based progressive organizations in South Texas and on the West Coast. For Eduardo his biggest professional accomplishment is combining his passion for protecting the environment, hiring workers, and playing a key role shaping policy and elections through his work.

In 2016 he became a Founding Partner and Director of Marketing for Brasidas Strategies, a Democratic Political Consulting firm, where he hopes to grow professionally and bring his unique skills to a larger market. In his personal life, Eduardo married the love of his life, Olivette, back in December 2016.  He thanks his parents, his wife, and her family for the continued support and inspiration knowing that without them he would not be where he is at today.

Eduardo joined Texas Victory Project back in March 2017 and is committed to use his knowledge, training, and experience to shape Texas politics. Eduardo is the proud son of Mexican immigrants, husband, brother, and active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church who enjoys hiking, cooking, photography, and working with his hands. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, remodeling the house, and watching his Tigres UANL win championship after championship in Mexico’s National League. His favorite players are André-Pierre Gignac (Tigres), Luis “El Matador” Hernández (Mexican 90’s Legend), and America’s best Goalkeeper Hope Solo (U.S. Women's National Team).