Educational Reform

With over $5.3 billion cuts in our public school system in the past six years, a statewide public school teacher deficit, large bureaucracy, a $90 million dollar budget waste on a standardized test that does not prepare our kids to go to college nor allows teachers the flexibility and liberty to teach and teach with passion, our long-term and short term solution(s) will be:

  • Work with federal, state, and local governments to increase salaries for public school teachers and establish five year loan forgiveness plan to career committed educators.

  • Work with governmental agencies, legislatures, and labor unions to transition to a decentralized school-site organizational model giving budgetary power and decision-making to administrators, teachers, support staff, teacher, and students, and work on implementing a student-funded formula that works to provide our children and schools better funding.

  • Work on a transitional model that gives teachers more liberty and flexibility to teach while removing the budgetary waste of statewide standardized testing.

  • Work with governmental agencies and non-profits to establish free SAT/ACT prep courses in our public schools, push for higher enrollment of Dual-Enrollment and AP classes, and  find effective measures to make our children more well-rounded. One of the greatest difficulties facing public education is that our children are not college ready or ready to tackle our constantly changing market. We believe that a healthy mind comes from a proper balance between a strong liberal arts education and STEM. We have produced a generation of students and people who lack independent and critical thought and the fundamental scientific knowledge to grow and obtain the future jobs of tomorrow.

  • Work with federal and state government to reduce the hyper-inflation of higher education and the $1.2 trillion student loan debt that is crippling young Texans, destroying the institution of family, and crumbling potential job growth, career opportunities, the entrepreneurial spirit of a whole generation.

  • Work with local and state government to push for the implementation of universal pre-k.

  • We will fight against the voucher and for-profit charter schools that take money out of our public school system and turn education into a for-profit business.

  • We will also fight to protect Title I and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that provides resources and opportunities to those who need it the most: low income students and children with special needs.