Environmental Reform

As Texas has been the king of “drill-baby-drill” and the oil and gas industry has produced millions of jobs across South and West Texas, one of the biggest issues we have found is the lack of strong governmental enforcement to protect our water and air supplies across our state. With clean water issues in El Cenizo, droughts in Midland/Odessa and Laredo, and heavy air pollution in Eagle Pass, Houston, and Corpus Christi our goal will be to work with local, county, and out state legislature to find a bipartisan approach to protect our families and kids.

Regionally in South Texas, we will work with local leaders and elected officials to stop “illegal” dumping. With beautiful landscapes from El Paso to Brownsville and Hidalgo to Corpus Christi our land has been contaminated by the irresponsibility of our own residents to properly dispose of trash, citizens who do not report, and elected officials who do not take a proactive approach in enforcing and protecting our environment. We will work with local elected officials, law enforcement agencies, and non-profits to draft the necessary and most effective plan to reduce “illegal” dumping in own back-yard.