Field Director | Ethan Maxey

Ethan was raised in Abington and is the proud son of a loving family. In high school, Ethan was a star football player and worked as a cook in one of Philly’s cheesesteak shop. Ethan attended Juniata College where he graduated with a B.A. in Political Science. Interested in studying economic development, poverty, and public policy Ethan went to Gambia where he found incredibly hard working people in a country struggling with vast income inequality, hunger, and unemployment. Ethan was able to see the hopes for a better tomorrow and a working-class, that despite their situation, still kept on pushing. This remind him of his family growing up, his Irish grandparents, and the constant struggles and challenges that the working-class have to face, generation after generation, and decided upon graduation to fight for the working man.

In 2015 Ethan was a Field Organizer for Josh Shapiro and Val Arkoosh for Montgomery County Coordinated Campaign. Ethan excelled in building one of the largest volunteer operations which allowed for the election of Shapiro as Montgomery County Commissioner Place 1.

Later that year Ethan joined team Turner and was one of the leading Field Organizers in South Houston in charge of volunteer and internship training, and on Election Day launched one of the largest union block-walks in Houston, with over 300 union members knocking over 8,000 doors. In January, Ethan joined Team TMF (Trey Martinez Fischer) and helped engineer one of the highest intern canvassing programs in the country in less than 8 weeks, producing over 67,000 knocks.

The following year Ethan joined the Missouri Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaigned as Regional Field Director covering Southwest Missouri, one of the largest rural and conservative regions in the state. Understaffed and covering one of the largest territorial regions, Ethan lead his two Field Organizers and build one of the most impressive field operation in the state producing;  over 1,000 canvassing shifts, 400 phone-banking shits, and 120,000 intern/vol knocks.

Ethan joined Texas Victory Project in April 2017 with the goal of building one of the largest field operations in Texas and building a robust coalition of rural, South Texas, and urban workers and volunteers.

Ethan is die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, and enjoys a good Irish Whiskey in his free time.