Hugo Rivera | Writer

For the past eight years, Hugo Rivera, Jr. has been a freelance writing consultant, honing his skills in the process. Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, Hugo is a first generation American, growing up with a family of modest means. As far back as he can remember, he was taught that any free time is time he could use to help himself improve on a skill, therefore, finding a grasp on this skill which benefitted him as he kept himself busy and out of trouble, continuously writing and obtaining several scholarships along the way for his future academic endeavors.

Early on during his formative years, attending Dr. Leo G. Cigarroa High School, Hugo found an interest in Punk Rock, investing his time in local Hardcore shows and taking part in the scene. Since youth, Hugo always possessed a drive for social change, taking action and doing things yourself, equal rights and justices, as well as uplifting of the working-class, thus finding a common connection with the shared ideologies instilled by many of his favorite Hardcore/Punk bands such as Bad Religion, I Object!, Los Crudos, Limp Wrist, and Aus-Rotten.

Understanding that change is gradual and only possible through years of dedication, Hugo focused his time in higher education, enrolling atTexas A&M International University(TAMIU), hoping to have an impact in the future of society. While attending the university, Hugo worked several jobs ranging from clerk at Subway to clean-up crew for construction job sites, until finding a job in the Department of Public Affairs and Social Research, all the while independently working with college students, assisting with essay writing, editing, proofreading, and research. With his background in writing, he assisted faculty, staff, and students of the department of Social Affairs and Social Research, credited in several studies held by the professors.

Though scheduled to graduate with a double Bachelor’s in English and Communications, as well as a Master’s after joining the rigorous Bachelor/Masters Program (BA/MA) at TAMIU, Hugo decided it was best to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a minor in Communications, ending his academic career and dedicate his time to obtain full-time employment. After submitting applications to newspapers, businesses, and school districts all around Texas, Hugo found employment in his hometown as an English and Language Arts teacher at Lyndon B. Johnson High School, located in the most southern part of Laredo. Hugo has enjoyed teaching for the past three years, enriching students’ mastery in reading, writing, and critical thinking to prepare students for the essential knowledge and skills necessary for their professional and academic future, while forming strong bonds in the process with his fellow colleagues and students.

As a teacher, as well as a low-income school graduate himself, Hugo has seen first-hand the detrimental effects of poverty on the youth, community, and education, having to face issues that many would consider past extreme; therefore, Hugo decided to become a part of the Texas Victory Project and dedicate himself in assisting the working-class citizens of his community and beyond. He does not plan to stop anytime soon and will always continue going beyond his limits, perfecting his craft in the process.

Whenever free from teaching or freelance projects, which is rare, Hugo enjoys action/adventure role-playing video games (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Fallout 4 being his current favorites); cooking extravagant recipes he finds online; reading and writing humorous entries,  personal works of fiction, and free-verse poetry; listening and adding to his vinyl record collection; and dedicating himself to his all-time favorite hobby: Sleeping.