Director of Legal Affairs & Policy| Ricco Garcia

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in Mission, Texas Ricco M. Garcia is an attorney, author, and legislative advocate. Ricco graduated from Sharyland High School and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. Ricco then went on to study law at the University of Houston Law Center, completing his final semester of law school in Washington D.C. at Georgetown University Law Center. Ricco like many people from the Valley has strong connections to his home, aside from being raised in the RGV with nearly 100 family members, the “David Garcia Library” in Sharyland is named after his late father.

During law school Ricco served as the President of the American Constitution Society, an organization specifically focused on furthering progressive issues via legal advocacy, where he trained many individuals to serve as poll watchers during the 2014 gubernatorial election.

Being the son of strong civil rights and Democratic Party supporters Ricco was at times literally raised on campaign trails, holding signs and block walking before in elementary school. Ricco has extensive legislative and political experience, he as worked three Texas legislative sessions and done two separate internships at the United States Capitol in D.C. While at Georgetown Ricco worked with Congressman Joaquin Castro as the Congressman’s legal intern.

Following law school and the passage of the bar exam, Ricco went to work as the legislative director and general counsel for Texas Representative Toni Rose during the 85th Legislative Session where he was able to actively participate in the budget writing process, allowing him to thoroughly understand the serious issues confronting every Texan, including our working class.

In February 2017 Ricco published a book titled, “How a Goat Became Mayor and the Political Spring that Followed” that went on to become a #1 best-selling book in the U.S. in local elections. Ricco wrote and published the book along with his younger brother Samuel Garcia, who is presently at Harvard Law School.

Presently Ricco now works as an associate attorney and legislative advocate with Escamilla & Poneck, LLP, one of the largest minority owned law firms in Texas. 

Being raised in the Valley, Ricco knows, appreciates, and intimately feels the very real issues that TVP is fighting for. Ricco understands the issues TVP fights for are more than mere talking points; they are issues currently affecting people’s lives who are no different than his closest family members.

Ricco is a proud Mexican-American with a no shame love for the Spurs and Texas Longhorns, and in what is a twist does not support the Dallas Cowboys, but the Detroit Lions (so there can apparently be no accusations that he is a bandwagon fan).