Columnist & Writer | Rick Ramirez

Rick Ricasso Ramirez was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas and is a proud graduate of Hanna High School and the University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley. Rick grew up in a working-class household where his parents instilled in him the value of hard-work, honesty, commitment, and the importance of education. He is the first born and eldest son to teen parents who broke the stigma that often follows young parents. Through dedication and hard work, despite constant struggle, both of his parents continued to set the ultimate example and completed their Master's degrees in Education before their 40th birthday.

While attending high school, Rick began working as a line cook at local restaurants and fastfood chains making $5.15 an hour. It was during this time that he discovered his talent and passion for storytelling both verbally and on paper. Upon graduating high school, Rick attended Sam Houston State University. Due to economic hardships, he decided to return home and finish his studies at UT-RGV.

During his last two years of college, Rick worked two part-time jobs while completing 18-21 college hours per semester. He followed is passion for writing and journalism by writing in the University's student newspaper The Rider and managed their social media accounts as their Social Media Editor. At The Rider, Rick used this platform to further express himself while writing a number of  articles and columns covering campus-wide news and topics such as collegiate procrastination. He also became the voice of the Student Media Department and hosted collegiate events such as job fairs, career expos, and other festivities. He became known for his unorthodox style on the microphone, parading around campus gathering students and faculty, urging them to join in on the fun. Despite having limited time and juggling the struggles of the everyday man, Rick continues to write poems and short stories. Some of his most recent works include “Human”, “One Day in June”, “If”, and “Memory Loss”. In his upcoming novel The Problem With People, Rick touches delicate topics such as teen pregnancy, mental illness, abortion, poverty, excessive drug abuse, and racism. The novel is set in modern day South Texas and California. In his works, he goes by his pen name Ricasso.

At the prime age of 26, Rick R. Ramirez walked UT-RGV’s graduation stage, hugged his parents, and graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication. After graduation, he continued his role as a manager at a local fast-food chain making $9.00 an hour. Rick decided to ask for a raise. In that 22 minute conversation, he realized that no matter how hard he worked, how much education he possessed, or how talented he was, he would always be just another workhorse to his superiors. On a whim, he moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and spent half a year working as brand ambassador on marketing campaigns for major retailers and telecommunication companies. He saw first hand what he had already known to be true in the fast food industry; the men at the front lines break their backs but reap little to zero benefits. Unsatisfied and feeling destined for more, Rick decided to take a leap of faith and began working with local business as a consultant, managing their social media accounts, online content and websites.

Rick joined Texas Victory Project in April of 2017 while on a road trip to Houston with his family. As it is custom in a Latino household, his mother was the first to say “Mijo, you have to do it. Make your voice heard for our people and your siblings. This is your calling”. Filled with joy, Rick is committed to use his words and love for writing to change Texas politics and promote higher Latino turnout and civic engagement. He is eager to take on the monumental task of telling the untold stories of the working-class.

Rick is a diehard Houston Texans fan, protective older sibling to his three sisters and brother, and you can find him drumming and writing lyrics with local rock bands and musical artists.