Veteran Protection  

Veteran unemployment still remains high, with the state unemployment rate being above the national average at 5.1%. It will be our job to work with state and local governments to ensure we tackle the unemployment rate, partner up with law enforcement agencies, non-profits, business, and governmental agencies to ensure priority higher for veterans and protect the benefits are men and women in uniform had fought so hard to earn.

In the past six years we have seen an increase of legislative bills in the Texas House to cut Hazlewood, veteran healthcare benefits, and mental health funding. It is both shameful and immoral that our service members have fought bravely overseas and are now in the verge of losing the college benefits for them and their children due to irresponsible legislators who call themselves “patriots” but attack our Veterans. We will work closely with the top Democratic and Republican leadership in both chambers and build a strong bi-partisan coalition that will ensure we protect Hazlewood, increase the number of state funded programs who will be responsible of providing a proactive approach in veteran health care, mental care, and tackling veteran housing and homelessness.

It is more than providing state exempt plates, it is about “never leaving a fallen comrade” and always placing “the mission first”. We are committed to fixing the VA in the national level and ensure we give our veterans real victories with passing legislation they deserve.